Community Arts Guild

The app that helps musicians locate other musicians who share similar interests in music and want to make positive changes in their local music scene.
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Asymmetrimuse is a sound installation that speaks to the overwhelming presence of sound pollution that is ever present in the modern world. The box is covered with disorienting patterns of color that are intended to make the viewer make sense of what they are seeing and to forget about all of the surrounding visual stimuli. Sounds of rhythmic patterns emit from inside the box and progressively fall out of sync. As the layers of sound fall out of sync, so does the audiences mind with reality. By the end of the three-minute presentation, most of the audience is left in a mindless trance—a similar state achievable through meditation.
asymmetrimuse asymmetrimuse


The bridge between biology and technology is closing fast. Through photomontage, my work explores how the human race is changing as technology offers substitutions for connecting face-to-face. How does technology affect the human psyche? Is the Singularity a phenomenon to celebrate or fear? Wearable technology already exists but soon it will be part of us. Biology and Technology will be inseparable. These ideas stem back to the Dada Movement and their fight against technology after WWI. Soldiers returned home with bionic body parts and were referred to as cyborgs. Scientists and theorists predict that technology will be more advanced than biology. Computers will be smarter than humans and will have the ability to make software and hardware improvements on themselves.
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Projection mapping made with Adobe After Effects.


Stubs is an infographic that pays homage to Nicholas Felton’s notion of self-surveillance by visualizing every concert I have attended over a thirteen-year period of time between 2000-2013. The larger the state, the more concerts I have attended in that state. Below the states are the grand totals of total money spent, the average ticket cost, total bands viewed, and the most visited venue. The bottom portion of the infographic tallies how many times I saw each band, dj, performer, etc.
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Moksha Manifesto

An inspirational poster inspired by the words of Jazz Pianist, Kenny Werner about losing oneself in the music in order to attain a mental state of “moksha”. The saying goes, "One must practice surrendering to a larger, or higher force. It is scary at first, but eventually liberating. In Sanskrit the word is moksha. Moksha is attainable through the surrender of the small self to the larger self."

New Brunswick Community Arts Council

The New Brunswick Community Arts Council was in need of a complete identity makeover and reached out to Rutgers students of mason gross school of the arts. print collateral and web media were produced including a new logo, business cards, letterhead, poster design, social media banners, and a new website. "The New Brunswick Community Arts Council works to enrich the quality of life in New Brunswick by supporting and establishing arts programs."
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Power Tower

In the spring of 2015, a PowerTower charging station was added to Mortensen Hall on the Rutgers Bush Campus. The idea behind including imagery of blank speech bubbles and empty faces is to invite students to disconnect from the virtual world and pick up one of the provided dry erase markers, providing students with the opportunity to express themselves in an analog means through words and image.
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Drawing With Processing



Have you ever wondered why some people love listening to death metal and others can’t stand it? Or why some folks like country, while others listen to purely hip hop? Moodlift is just the tip of the iceberg of this battle of musical tastes. A poll was taken by over fifty participants ranging from age twelve through age sixty-six. The participants were asked what emotional responses they felt while listening to very specific and different genres of music. All responses were anonymous and catalogued online and serve as the basis of interpretation on different musical taste profiles.
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I'm Adam, a graphic designer living in Arlington, VA. I graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in 2015 with a BFA in Graphic Design. I'm currently working with the strategy & design team at IBM in DC.

Feel free to view my résumé.